Aim And Scope

Scope : 

Central : Journal of Economics And Law is intended as a medium for scientific studies on the results of research, thinking, and critical-analytical studies regarding research in the fields of Economics and Law As part of the spirit of disseminating research and thought results for community service and as a source of reference for academics in the field of Economics and law.
Central : Journal of Economics And Law publishes papers regularly four times a year, namely in February, May, August, and December. All publications in the Central : Journal of Economics and Law are open, which allows articles to be freely available online without a subscription

Focus and Scope

Central : Journal of Economics and Law presents articles/scripts in the fields of economics and law, especially the focus on Islamic Economics (Sharia), Public economics, Industrial economics. International Economics, regional Economy, Natural resources economics, Agricultural economics, HR Economics, Human Resource Management, Marketing Management/E-Marketing/Digital Marketing, Financial Management, Accounting/E-Accounting/Sharia Accounting, Taxation/E-Taxation, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, MSME, E-HRD, Financial Technology in the field of economics, Information System Management, Banking/Sharia Banking.